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Evangelical Victimized Entity

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A poem I wrote for an assignment a few years ago during my time at a military academy.


As a girl I lived in paradise

free of strife and shame

and of human folly,

childlike under golden light,

like colors of my Father’s might conversing with strangers, oblivious

with the innocence I bore—egad! Too frail to war with the sleuth, in a fell swoop, it was all loosed.

He too fell to sin

a result of my selfish ways

and the confusion held within,

but the fruit was ill laced

with the knowledge of light and dark

forbidden by our Father but it was too late.

As a spirit, I could’ve roamed the ether

within the clouds, floating without the need of wings,

but this is my fate

destined to claim lost souls, to atone for my atrocity

dressed in pitch black. But I preferred gold to mold, life to scythe bearing abominations

spawned from death and decay clambering for the top, a spot to tag and mark with blood

of humans who knew no better way to seek and repent, for my crimes and choices long ago ill spent.

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