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Fairy Tales For Sophie Discussion

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Fairy Tales For Sophie

A small gust of wind blew frigid rain throughout the funeral procession, tangling umbrellas and whipping soaked hair to and fro. The only man not holding an umbrella was instead clutching onto his daughter's hand, whose lifeless eyes penetrated the muddy ground before her feet. She had long ago abandoned her umbrella, for she enjoyed the Seattle rain, but today wasn't a day for smiles. Her mother was slowly being lowered into the ground, and as her father watched on through misty glasses, she couldn't help but feel that it was somehow her fault.

The man gripped his daughter's hand tighter, tears freely flowing down his cheeks; his extended family and group of friends were nothing more than black splotches against the grey backdrop of his squinted eyes. As the grimy dirt and mud splattered atop the black casket, he wondered how he could go on living life, or how he could raise his little girl on his own. At that moment in time, all of life's responsibilities seemed too much to handle.


The man hesitated for a few moments, watching as the crowd began to dissipate to leave the two remaining immediate family members some privacy. He looked down at his daughter, wet hair matted against her face, and kneeled before her, both of her hands in his.

"Yes, Sophie?"

Her piercing blue eyes fixated upon his framed hazel orbs, and she suddenly burst into tears as the realization of what had just happened finally registered for the first time.

"I didn't even get to say goodbye."

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Welcome to Fairy Tales For Sophie

This is an idea I've been tossing around for nearly three years now and I'm finally ready to tackle it. As the title suggests, this will be a roleplay about the art of storytelling, both by the roleplayers taking part and by the characters we control.

A year or so after his wife's death, Peter Thompson's life is slowly returning to normal; as a single parent, he's finding raising a daughter on his own to be a daunting task, but not as impossible as he once thought. Peter is a hotshot author on the rise and his daughter Sophie is his biggest fan, so much so that she is treated to a new and exciting tale of wonder and amazement every night before bedtime to help her cope with her loss.

That's where the bulk of the roleplay will come into effect: on top of playing out the day-to-day interactions between Peter and Sophie, we will also be controlling the characters of the story Peter tells to his daughter; as such, the roleplay will feature fantasy settings, action, adventure and romance.

If anybody is interested, you can either let me know here or PM me. I'm looking for either one more person, maybe two, to help me flesh out the cast; I'll need someone to tell the story from Sophie's point of view and to take the reigns of the female within the fairy tale, and perhaps one more person to join us within the fictional adventure.

My characters are as follows:

Name: Peter Thompson

Gender: Male

Age: 34

Occupation: Author/Motivational Speaker

Bio: A single father whose only remaining immediate family is a lone daughter, Peter has learned to get a handle on his life after his wife passed away. Maintaining a comfortable home on the outskirts of Seattle, his days mostly consist of rejecting his own failed ideas at potential novels, speaking at local high schools and performing community outreach and spending time with his daughter Sophie.

Name: Silas

Gender: Male

Age: ?

Occupation: Vagabond

Bio: A fictional character from Peter's stable, his past has yet to be set in stone, but what is established is that he's a drifter without friends or family, and his many interactions with the law have been met with the tendency to keep a low profile.


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Name: Avalon ( often prefers Ava )

Meaning: Apple

Age/Birthday: 19 - Birthdate TBA


- Hair color/length: White blonde, wavy and ends at her lower back. Usually braided back and wrapped into a bun.

- Eye color: Brown eyes

- Height: 5'5"(165cm)

- Clothing style: Long grey, dirtied, stained and torn long grey dress and brown work boots. Carrying a bag slung over her shoulder.

- Important body marks/scars: TBA

- Skin color/Body Type: beige - in the middle

Occupation: Former Scullery Maid - Escaped

Background: Avalon knew nothing about her family and her whereabouts. She was told that she was an orphan from the moment of birth as her mother died and her father abandoned her. He later escaped to another kingdom to avoid getting caught. The family she lived with, the head of the household a rich merchant, refused to keep her as their own so they had her join the Scullery maids of the home. After being tossed around and ordered by older maids, harassed and humiliated by the children of the merchant, she grew older knowing this was not the life she wanted.

Primary Objective: Find the kingdom her father escaped to. Find him, demand answers.

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