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Mystery Ghost in the System: God Eater

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Ghost in the System


In the year2021, Neigel Hassen, creator of the virtual reality game Seraphim, created the first plausible augmented reality device in the form of big clunky goggles. Using cameras that film constantly in real time and feed connections to the goggles, the program creates a real time copy of reality and projects it through the lenses. Other programs are used in combination to create virtual objects that work in real time as well.


This system was a great break through and was named God Vision. Over the course of a decade with much research, experimentation, and investment, the program was set up for to run in all across the world. Cameras placed in cities, and programs installed in already created cameras to spread the augmented reality to the public. June 3, 2031, God Vision went live and swept the world away with its revolutionary system. All across the globe people bought the now sleek model glasses and goggles to use. Schools, homes, private and public; God Vision became a necessity.



Children and teens took to it the easiest and quickly became attached to the system, using it for things like games, exploiting bugs and glitches for fun, creating programs to run alongside it to both help and hinder others. It was a great success. After several more years, the God Vision system began to grow weaker. Rumors began to spread about strange glitches in the system and several unexplained incidents occurred with people falling unconscious while using GV.  To disperse any rumors of the God Vision system being dangerous, the company used the obvious compatibility issues as an excuse to upgrade. With advances in technology, the servers worldwide underwent maintenance for a week as God Send was installed over the original God Vision to solve the problems.



2037, and the world is continuing on just as always using God Send. On many forums popular among younger people though, rumors about a ghost in the system linger. The familiar legend of the God Eater floats around. Though widely dismissed as impossible, a fairy tale, or a simple legend, what is the truth?




The final bell of the day rang and as the first sound tolled the class erupted into the sounds of scrapping chairs, rustling bags, and the voices of many students discussing after school plans. Raife stuffed his Japanese literature book back into his bag just as a notification appeared just at the bottom of his vision. With a flicker of his thoughts the notification opened to a recent post on a forum about something called GSC; God Send Coma. It was a rumored condition about people falling into a coma while using GS. With another flick of thought the screen was closed.


Most of the reports he’d read about AR related comas were just people trying to draw attention of feeding off of what they heard. Raife had done plenty of research on GSC already and found the only cases that had any basis were those from GV. He didn’t care to read a dead end message. “Raife! What plans have we got for this afternoon buddy?†Connor asked throwing his arm around Raife’s shoulder.


“I’ve got no ideas at this point. We could always just go grab something to eat if you’re just that bored. Or was that actually just a rhetorical question because you plan to drag me into something else again today?†Raife asked as he stood, bag hanging in one hand, and they left the classroom together.


“Nah, but we shouldn’t waste the summer. Even if summer vacation is over, fall will be here soon, and then it’ll start getting cold,†Connor said.


As they reached the entrance of the school building a notification popped up in Raife’s vision and he opened it with his right hand, reading the headline plastered across the top of the black page in red letters.


 17 Year old attacked by unknown entity inside God Send


This quickly grabbed Raife’s attention and he was very eager to get into action with something of this nature. It wasn’t a blatantly calling out anything. The article under it was very vague as well. Nothing about specifics that were tale tell signs of false info. The only thing it mentioned was the witness testifying that he’d been attacked by someone at night, and they were wearing some kind of armor.


“Actually, I think I do have something to do now. Just read up on the board about something interesting. Sounds like an attack from a *Binary,†Raife said.


"Still chasing the rumors of course. At least you found something good. There's been nothing but garbage recently right?," Connor asked, aware that Raife occupied his time with researching AR rumors and things of that nature.


"Pretty much. I mean, it's not like there really is anything deeper than the surface, but still, it's fun to watch and it gives me something to do. I don't run with any of the gangs, so I have to find something else to sate my interests. Would you care to join me in my investment on this case Connor," Raife asked as he walked backwards while talking.


It was then that something bumped into him and he lost his balance completely, tripping over the small ledge at the lockers and plunging to the tiled floor. He caught himself with one hand just before his head hit and he breathed a sigh of, “Safe.â€


Connor’s face twisted in some sort of mix of distaste and horror seeing who had just run into Raife; Hannah, the small girl who literally split crowds with her presence. Of all the students milling about, it had to be this one. I get the feeling things won't go so smoothly. Raife might not be able to talk his way out of this one. Connor thought, keeping a clear distance from both of them as students had already began to gather around the entrance, some whispering, some gasping, but all waiting to see what would become of the situation now. 


Foot Note* A Binary is an entity rumored to form from obsolete data no longer used, or from any data that wasn't properly deleted. 

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“If it wasn’t for you…†Connor said, holding the remnants of an old alarm clock in his hands. “…I would still be asleep and I wouldn’t have to decide whether to go to school or not.†He threw the bits of plastic over his shoulder where they collided with the wall and fell to the floor through the crack between Connor’s bed and the wall. There it joined the many other things Connor had either lost or thrown down there.

Now he was awake, Connor pulled himself to his feet and stretched his arm where it had grown stiff as he slept, likely because he slept on it. At the same time he gazed around his tiny bedroom taking in the fact that there was nothing else in the room apart from his bed and a bedside cabinet. Some might call it a minimalist approach, like Connor was being stylish, but Connor simply called it being poor and being too lazy to look for cheap ass stuff to buy.

He got dressed using the clothes that had been strewn on the floor, he considered for a second about getting clean ones but then realised he hadn’t done his weekly wash yet so he didn’t have any. He tightened his belt around his waist and slipped the shirt on over his head, not even bothering to open the front, and then turned to his bedside cabinet where he kept his bracelets and the like. Quick as a flash he clipped and slipped them all into place and then picked up a rubber band to tie his hair back in a ponytail; he left a clump loose at the front that ran down the left side of his face. Finally he reached down to pick up the sleek pair of glasses that sat there.

It was by far the most expensive thing he owned and when he had brought them, he had to live off snacks for two weeks. He slipped the GS glasses on and brushed his hand along the right side, activating the technology. A few notifications popped up that had come in overnight but he dismissed them with a thought, glancing momentarily at one from someone called Phoenix but binned it quickly. With that done, he decided that today would be a school day so he packed absolutely nothing, slipping some pens into his pocket only, and exited his small flat.

When he reached the school gates, other students milling about around him, he stopped and sighed. Why do I even bother with this anymore? Whatever. He sighed again and entered the school. As he walked, he greeted some students and they returned the greeting but generally people steered clear of him. He wasn’t a loner in the standard sense but the people who he called ‘friends’ only really spoke to him when he spoke to them. The only exception to that was a guy called Raife, who had seemed glad when Connor had said they were now friends.

Unfortunately, he didn’t see Raife until the final lesson, the rest of the school day passing in dozes and naps. When the final bell rung to signal the end of school, he slipped up behind Raife to put an arm around his shoulder. They walked as they spoke, mostly about Raife’s hobby of chasing rumours regarding GS while Connor replied with the fact that Raife had run into a dead end recently.

It was at this point that Connor glanced over Raife’s shoulder, he had been walking backwards in front of him, and saw Raife was about to collide with someone. It was too late to call out a warning and he cringed when they hit each other and Raife was sent tumbling to the floor, where he saved himself moments before breaking his GS glasses. That’s one sturdy girl. He thought as he looked up to see exactly who it was Raife had bumped into. Ah, it’s here, that makes sense. Of all the students milling about, it had to be this one. I get the feeling things won’t go so smoothly, Raife might not be able to talk his way out of this one.

Connor smiled and stepped back into the gathered crowd waiting, as the crowd were, to see what Hannah Sophia would do in this situation.

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