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Here's for my Order of the Princesses roleplay.


Name: Princess Astrea


Age: 16


Kingdom: Reveria





Personality: sweet, innocent, kind, a little shy, very girly, loves animals, dreamer.


Other Info: She is the newest princess to join the order after her mother who is now queen.

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Name: Aemilia Campbell


Age: 23


Gender: Female


Race: Banshee


Looks: pale, white hair, grey-blue eyes, always wears something covering her mouth. 


Personality: Shy, self-conscious, hard to trust others, kind to animals, hates being around people, prefers to be by herself, likes reading.


Other info: Because Aemilia is a banshee, she must cover her mouth so that her screams would not hurt others. She lives in solitude and worries of what others will think if they knew the truth about what she is.

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