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OPEN Tale of the Screeching Witch

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Outside of a village in the woods many years ago, there lived a young woman named Aemilia that the villagers dubbed "The Screeching Witch" because she would always screech and curse aloud. Because of this the village elders banished her into the woods so that her loud noises would not distract the others. Aemilia lived alone in her cottage, not daring to come into contact with other human beings. Her only companions were the animals whom she would help, but deep down, she wished for human companionship.


Alright, so this is the story of a young woman who's made an outcast because she has Tourette Syndrome in an era where the condition is not known of. This'll be a romance, so I'll need someone for Aemilia to fall in love with (male, female, I don't care). 


Name: Aemilia


Age: 17


Gender: Female


Looks: messy dirty blonde hair, green eyes, freckles, often wears dumpy, ragged clothes.


Personality: Shy, self-conscious, hard to trust others, kind to animals, hates being around people.


Other info: Aemilia lives as a hermit in a cottage outside her own village because she is known to make a lot of noises and curse a lot. We would know of this condition today as Tourette Syndrome, but in her time, everyone in the village thinks she's possessed and call her the Screeching Witch because of the noises she makes. Although she prefers to be alone and take care of the animals around her, she often dreams of human companionship.


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